Darren Shaw photography

Darren Shaw photography

My name is Darren Shaw I enjoy taking action photo's at the Motor Cross, Drags or any kind of action sport's. I love to try and capture lightning and storm photo's when I have the chance. I also can do photo shoot's for personal or sponsor use.

If you would like to purchase a CD for $30 with all the photos that I have of you on the CD you can email me at the address below. Payment can be made by internet bank transfer if you email me I can give you my account and BSB number or you can post a money order.

Price List:
CD's with all the photos I have of you on the day starting at $30.

My email address is: shawsky05@gmail.com
Postage anywhere can be arranged.

I also have a FaceBook like page where I post my newest photos just click on the link below.